目的 students have a natural curiosity, wide-ranging interests, and a penchant for exploration.

Independent projects offer juniors and seniors the chance to flex these qualities and chart their own path in the afternoons. Instead of choosing an activity from 目的’s official offerings, eligible students follow a course of study or a training program of their own creation, pursuing personal passions like filmmaking, 写歌, 诗歌, 摄影, 绘画, 唱歌, 武术, 公路自行车, 空中跳舞, 和更多的.

学生 with an Independent Project work with a mentor to plan out the season, mapping how they will work toward mastery of their pursuit every afternoon and what they ultimately plan to accomplish. Projects generally conclude with a presentation of their work to the community. Not only do students improve their performance in a particular activity, they also learn valuable lessons in self-discipline, 个人责任, 和独创性.



  • Saga水彩画


    “Birds have always been some of my favorite subjects to draw and paint,” said Saga of the impetus for her Independent project. The busy 目的 schedule made it difficult to consistently find time for her art is Saga applied for an Independent—画鸟. The project took her into the foothills around campus for quick graphite sketches of the birds she encountered—birds that might be recognizable to anyone who has spent time in the area—red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, 橡实啄木鸟, 西部灌丛鸦, 以及其他十几个物种. Those sketches became the reference materials for watercolor 绘画s. The art student jumped right into this new medium, 学习基本技术, and ultimately fell in love with watercolors. 她要把她的艺术带到哪里去? “I'm definitely going to keep working with watercolors and improving on that process and those techniques.”
  • 加文和他的吉他


    For some musicians, playing an instrument fashioned with their own hands makes music more rewarding. This is the case for Gavin who made an electric guitar during his spring Independent. For his project, Gavin developed skills in both woodworking and electronics. As the quality of his solders translated to the quality of sound, he had to redo those when the new guitar played only intermittently. 当它播放时, the solid-bodied instrument fashioned after the well-known Fender Stratocaster has a rich sound and plays easily. The student luthier had already started building a second guitar by the evening of the presentations. 
  • 山地自行车

    Before 目的, Liam combined his dual passions for speed and the outdoors in a commitment to skiing. Seeing that the opportunities for hitting the slopes were few and far between in the dry, 阳光明媚的欧康谷, he soon took up mountain biking and loved it. Noticing that he was trying to fit 8+ hours of biking a week into his busy 目的 schedule, he decided to take up an independent project in partnership with another student and set aside dedicated time for the pursuit every afternoon. 注重技术技能, 健身, 自行车维修, 还有野外骑行, the two trained hard in preparation for two competitive races in Southern California, as well as a big summer riding trip from Denver to Durango, 科罗拉多州. 利亚姆指出: We used weekends throughout the Independent to start to find our limits in the backcountry, 线上买球平台20, 30, 40 miles at a time into the Los Padres National Forest. The skills, 健身, and experience we gained from those adventures were crucial in 科罗拉多州.
  • 电影宣传 & 非营利组织的工作

    During the summer, Cara held an internship working to promote the film 出售. Directed by Academy Award-winner Jeffrey D. Brown and based on a best-selling book by Patricia McCormick, the film follows the story and survival of an 11-year-old girl who is trafficked in India. The team behind the movie has also partnered with a number of nonprofits working to support survivors of sex trafficking—卡拉的工作 gathering support for screenings and instructing inspired groups on hosting their own screening helped raise awareness for the issue and the organizations working to combat it. She was so inspired by her summer work that she took it up again through an independent project. 关于经验, Cara said: “At the risk of sounding cliché, my heart fills with gratitude and warmth every time I feel like I make a difference, 哪一个, 我的独立报, 几乎每天都在发生.”


Controlling Invasive Species (Arundo Grass)
绘画 & 画
3D Printing Prosthetics for Nonprofit
培训 & 参加三项全能比赛
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